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Fairchild Tax Service is operated by Halford and Heather Fairchild. Halford does all of the taxes, as he has been doing since 1985. Fairchild Tax Service was founded by Yuri Fairchild (1909-2004) in the 1940s, and Halford was her typist in the 1960s!

COVID taught us that the fastest and most efficient way to serve you is like a shoe repair person (or the cleaners). Drop it off and come back in two or three days (longer waits in April, and if you come on the deadline, you missed it). Even better, scan your docs into a preferably single page PDF and send to our email. We always discuss your situation by phone to find your best bottom lines.

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"I will make your tax problems disappear"

Dr. Fairchild earned his Ph.D. in Social Psychology in 1977, and is now Professor Emeritus in Psychology and Africana Studies at Pitzer College. Yes, he taught full time while doing taxes full time. Now, he is a full time tax practitioner (and poker player). Many of his clients ask for (and need) his “Magic Wand.”

Dr. Fairchild wrote several books with his students that are available at Amazon (he also offers free PDFs at researchgate.net): (1) (Re)Solving Violence in America; (2) Black Lives Matter: Lifespan Perspectives; and (3) Social Psychology and World Peace: A Primer.

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Year-Round Service

We offer tax services all year, but our strongest advice is to FILE EARLY. As the deadline approaches, our turn-around time extends to five or more days. For the 2022 tax year, the IRS has extended the deadline for disaster areas to October 16, 2023. This includes L.A. County. We urge everyone to file early and avoid the days immediately before the deadline -- otherwise expect longer wait time. As you can see from our photo gallery, Heather and I like to travel in the "off season," but we're never gone for more than two or three weeks, and we will announce those departures on our answering system. We play the World Series of Poker every year in late June to early July (Heather finished in 239th place out of 5,404 entrants in the 2020 "Seniors" event; Hal contributed to the prize pool.)

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General Instructions on Filing Remotely with Fairchild Tax Service

We have found remote tax preparation faster and more efficient than the traditional “in person appointment.” If you call for an appointment today, you get one in two or three weeks (or whenever); if you submit your documents remotely, you get an answer in three or four days! (Longer in April.) We always discuss tax returns that have (or require) maneuverability.

DO NOT BRING OR SEND BACKS OF W2s OR RECEIPTS! We are not the IRS and we are not auditing you. Just add up your numbers and tell us the total.

NEW CLIENTS: Please send a scan of drivers’ license of taxpayer and spouse (if relevant), names, SSNs and dates of birth of all dependents, and previous year tax return (if available).

MAIL/DROP-OFF GUIDELINES: Mail copies of your tax documents to our address or drop off in either the upper or lower mail boxes at the front of our building (5352 W. Pico Blvd., LA, CA 90019).

EMAIL GUIDELINES: We prefer a single, multi-page PDF, do not send backs of W2s or other non-essential information.

EMAIL PRINTER GUIDELINES: We own a private printer, 10 MB limit, 10 attachment limit. Please no password protected or zip files.

Call or text: 323-252-8399
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